25 yr old doctor trying to stop life from rushing by.. spent my early twenties working my ass off.. now would desperately love my band to work!


May 13th, 2008 + 2:05 PM  ·  borrowedseason

2 years have passed since I logged onto bandamp! nice to see that the community is stll buzzing.. have got over a lot of my home recording woes since my last foray here, so hopefully the stuff I'll be putting up will sound better.

never free

May 13th, 2008 + 3:05 PM  ·  borrowedseason

this is like a prelude to the real thing.. will finish it and then record it better.. oh yes  much better


May 13th, 2008 + 3:05 PM  ·  borrowedseason

the mixing is really shitty.. as is the guitar tone intially.. everythings too muddy for my liking.. things fall into place once the verse starts though. recorded this last year and have lost the master track.. so till I can put out a version I'm truly happy with this will have to do.


May 13th, 2008 + 2:05 PM  ·  borrowedseason


home studio

January 5th, 2006 + 7:01 AM  ·  borrowedseason

Hi.. i'm looking to build a small home studio.. have an IBM R40 laptop with a 140GB hard drive. Instruments wise i play a PRS custom 22 through a Boss GT 8 and Boss V Wah into a Marshall MG100dfx. I use a Yamaha PSR 350 keyboard for laying down basic backing tracks. Don't have any equipment for vocals yet.
I'd be grateful if anyone could help me with these :
which software do i use?.. reason, cubase, cakewalk?
will i need to upgrade the soundcard.. if so which one do i get?
Vocals wise do i get a condenser mic, is it better than a dynamic mic?as you've prob guessed by now.. recording vocals is something i don't know anything about  .. hehe
and whats the big deal about studio quality moninors.. will a good set of headphones suffice?
I'm not planning to record drums at home.. just vocals, guitar, bass.. so how big a mixer do i get.. and will a patchbay suffice?
and where do get to learn the basics of recording, mastering, mixing etc.. online i mean.
Hmm thats already a long list.. any inputs would be really helpful.



January 3rd, 2006 + 9:01 AM  ·  borrowedseason

hehe.. thats a fancy name for really what was just jamming in friends studio around 2 years ago.. some people seem to think the tune brings to mind falling leaves and long be the judge
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